Bloor Street, Toronto

Bloor Street West in Toronto is lined with independent retail businesses for much of its length. After living near in the neighborhood of Bloor and Bathurst for ten years, I noticed that the composition of the stores on the street was changing, and, in 1995, starting conducting an annual survey of the stretch between Spadina Avenue and Christie Street to document the changes. On this page, you can explore the data I have collected. Other pages describe the nature of the data and discuss some features of the data.

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How has the number of businesses of a given type changed over the years? Choose a category (broad) or type (narrow) and see.


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Of the businesses of a given type operating in 1995, how many survived to 1996? To later years? Of the new businesses in 1997, how many survived to 1998 or later years?

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What was the composition of businesses on the street in each survey year? View a pie chart for a specific year, or compare two years.

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