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If you have a question about the material in the course, I strongly encourage you to post it on the Forum. (Note that you can, if you wish, do so anonymously.) Doing so has several advantages.
  1. In formulating the question precisely, you may well find that you can answer it yourself.
  2. You'll probably get a pretty quick response.
  3. Everyone will see the question and responses.
  4. While you are waiting for me to answer the question you can update your Facebook page, watch Hockey Night in Canada, or continue reading Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. Or possibly all three.
  5. You don't have to come to my office.
  6. You'll get a certified written answer.
  7. There will be a nice written record of all the questions, which will help me improve the course.

The TA Huilan Xu holds office hours every Tuesday from 2:10pm to 4pm in GE40.

During the 12 weeks of the teaching term, I hold office hours on Friday from 3:10pm to 4pm (in my office, GE244), except September 23, September 30, and October 14. In those weeks my office hours will be on Wednesday from 3:10pm to 4pm.